Reinouts 35TG amp Teil 2

During Christmas my new silvercore stepper-transformer went into the 35TG-amplifier.
Then i took some time for burning in the new components; and now it is time
for some text…..
The 35TG-amplifier is my „portable“ amplifier when i visit an audio-show.
The amplifier is in essence a scaled-down version of the big TB3/1000-amplifier and does sound really nice. I thought the availability of the Eimac 35TG was the only thing to worry about till Christof noted that the new Silvercore input-transformer-stepper was REALLY good. Till now i was quite satisfied with a Grayhill/Holco stepped attenuator in combination with a Jensen input tranny.

The silvercore stepper are quite large (one is sitting on top of the open amplifier). The former attenuator and input tranny are seen bottom left.
Although the soldering part was not very difficult; the mechanical part was a challenge for there was not much space. Eventually the amplifier-frame had to be milled away.

Serious stuff; it fits wonderful. The stepper-transformer is visible left-bottom.
It took some time to run in; not strange as all new transformers do need some aging-time.

I’m very happy with the result. The earlier version was certainly not bad (on the contrary) but these silvercore steppers do give more detail in soundstage. It is more airy which is very interesting since the bass-response is very serious.

After this very successful modification it’s back to the 35TG-search to keep
this amplifier running forever…’s that good !

Happy listening,

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