Trontemöller meets High End

gerade eine e-mail von meinem Freund Reinout aus Holland bekommen:

„I found out that my new cartridge goes shockingly low….in combination with my amplifier (which seems to have no problem with sub 20 Hz !)….my TB3/1000 amp just crashed my ceramic woofers !
It was quite impressive. Not fun. It was the new LP from Trentemoller…….it goes very low…

das kann ich bestätigen…goes very low…also Vorsicht!

Klasse Platte. Trotzdem.


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  1. Jetzt erschließt sich einem auch die vom Entwickler des Tieftöners angedachte Funktion des Gitters vor dem Treiber voll umfänglich – eine Art Auffangkorb für die Keramikteilchen, für alle Fälle… Dann bleibt einem das Aufkehren erspart – funktioniert ja ganz gut. Mit einer Pappmembran wäre das nicht passiert.


  2. Good evening audio-addicts ! As Christof already pointed out: yes….in the diyaudio-forum i did some writing about my amplifier which started as a 833-amp but currently is up-and-running as a TB 3/1000 amp.

    If you like Trentemoller please check also their album „Into the great wide yonder“. First album, A side, track one has a tremendous building of power.

    About the ceramic drivers: they are very good for highs and mid-units. The ceramic is extremly light and therefore very „fast“. Because the ceramic is inert this type of cone does not produce it’s own added coloration (like paper does). Downside is that the internal damping: virtual zero. This is a problem for bass-units which are working on the edge. When i first made these speakers there was only the full ceramic type available. Currently there is also the sandwich-type (ceramic + fabric) available for bass-units. Accuton/Thiel were very helpfull with their assistance and currently these sandwich-types are doing their bass-part in my speakers.

    And no: the grill in front of the unit is not for capturing fragmented coneparts but for keeping out fingers for touching the ceramic. This is really „eggshell-material“ and not to be touched ! Of course this would not have happend with a paper cone, but that material has other downsides like coloration for example. There is no holy grail for speaker units: all types of materials (and magnets, and spiders, and surrounds, etc etc) have their pro’s and con’s.

    Happy listening !

  3. Bei diesem Track merkt man, ob die Lautsprecher schrott sind, oder nicht. Meine sinds offenhörlich. Sogar meine Sennheiser Ohrstöpsel bringen den Track wesentlich sauberer rüber. Christof, wir müssen da was machen 🙂

  4. As we are discussing the pros and cons of ceramic drivers from one of our analog and tube audio friends from the Nederlands I’ve choosen to write my first contribution here in English :-).

    Thanks to our friend Cristof I came aware of Trentemoeller in Krefeld 2010 and yes this is one fantastic LP. I’m now listening to it again and I have to say that I’m quite happy with my new listening room.
    After placing my UFO (Unbelieveable Fidelity Object) on a Rack by Christoph from Westforest Audio Labs I do get the raw, dry and low bass force that a DL103 can offer attached to the Scheu Classic MKII 12″

    I’m more than happy 🙂 Oh, an it’s good to know that Reinout has a working setup again.

    Now I do hope that my neighbours won’t lynch me for listening to Trentemoeller with „alle Regler rechts“ 😉

    Cheers from Wiesbaden,

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